5 Ways to Protect Your Shirts from Fading

How your heart breaks when your favorite shirt loses its original color! Your favorite bright clothes tend to fade quickly compared to their lighter counterparts. Sometimes the colors bleed and can damage other clothes as well. You can prevent all the mess if you keep in mind just a few simple tips. Always follow the care-instruction given that come with the clothes. One important thing to remember is to wash dark and light colors separately.

A few days back we gave you some tips to get rid of wrinkles from shirts easily and now some more tricks so that your clothes stay as good as new-

1.Turn Clothes Inside Out

save clothes from fading

This is the easiest way to prevent colors from fading. Always turn your clothes inside out before washing them whether you use a washing machine or prefer hand-wash. The friction between clothes lightens the color. It also causes piling which makes fabrics look dull and worn out.


2.Wash in Cold Water

wash clothes in cold water

Cold water is the best to keep your clothes bright and happy! It does not make colors fade as much as warm water. Bright colors are prone to fade faster and cold water protects them from turning dull.


3.Use Salt

use salt to wash clothes

Chloride in salt keeps the colors vivid. Add just 1 teaspoon salt to the wash cycle and the colors of your clothes will not bleed. It is great for washing shirts for the first time. Adding salt even helps in bringing back some life to fabrics that have gone dull.


4.Dry in Shade

line dry clothes to prevent fading

Sun is a great bleach and you don’t want it to work its magic on your precious attires! Hang clothes inside out and in shade to keep the colors all shiny. This does not mean that you take to drying your clothes in a hot dryer as even that lightens the colors. Hanging clothes out in shade keeps colors safe and also makes them dry fast.


5.Add Vinegar

how to protect clothes from fading

You can soak your clothes for 30 minutes in water that has ½ cup white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt. Wash them normally afterwards. If this seems like a task, just add vinegar in the rinse cycle. These tricks keep colors on shirts vibrant. The smell of vinegar goes away after wash and if you want to be more careful, just hang the clothes outside to make the smell vanish. Vinegar not only sets the color but also makes fabric soft.
We are sure that you will follow these little wise ideas for the well-being of your shirts!

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