Monsoon Trend – Cheer Up This Monsoon With Shades of Yellow

Yellow is the happiest color of the spectrum. The sunny hue is the mark of a person who always looks on the bright side. If you like wearing yellow, you are positive and confident as not every man has the heart to carry this popping shade.

Yellow is a color that makes you stand out vividly so you need to sport it every now and then. Yellow creates a happy atmosphere and cheers people up. Oh, and this citrusy hue cries for attention 😉

Here are the top picks for you by Color Buckket

Musical Soiree

digital print fashion shirts

Guitar is one glamorous musical instrument. Every music lover wants to play it well but few have time. Gyrate to the tunes of guitar in this pleasing yellow shirt. This minimal style is great for formal wear too.



Doodle It

digital print fashion t shirt

We all are doodlers regardless of the fact that the art is excellent or not. Such freehand style digital prints infuse life to your looks. Go color-crazy in this striking tee which has prints all over.



Geometric Style

digital print fashion men

Most of us hate Geometry in school but love the symmetry 🙂 This funky T-shirt is prominently yellow but the other warm hues are giving it a perfectly balanced look. A cowboy hat definitely adds to the cool quotient.



Fruity Freshness

digital print fashion (4)

How refreshing is this shirt! It has bicycles printed all over but look closely and you will see that these are not ordinary bicycles. The tires here are made up of slices of fruits like kiwi, orange, lemon and watermelon. Yellow is already appealing and this print makes the shirt a superb choice.



Be Dicey

digital print fashion accessories

Don’t let your style become predictable and surprise people every time you step out! This combo of bowtie and pocket square will be a sensational showstopper.


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