A Beginner’s Guide To Style Digital Prints

Men’s clothing is not just about solids, checks and stripes anymore. Modern men are not limited to these styles and they like wearing prints- floral, geometric and what not. Digital prints have brought a revolution in fashion and every fashion-conscious man wants to include these in his wardrobe.
These bright prints give the wearer a unique and stylish look. You need to be a little courageous to carry digital prints well but what’s life without courage anyway! You definitely need a few digital pieces in your closet. Some of you may be looking forward to sport these quirky prints but there is chance that you are stuck on styling them properly. Right styling makes or breaks a look so you have to keep these tips in mind while wearing digital prints-

Go Safe
For starters, pick colors that you are most comfortable in. If you like black then start with a black shirt or T-shirt with digital print. Make your look fail-proof by pairing such shirts with trousers in solid hues. You can also wear your favorite pair of denims for a more casual look.

t shirt digital print


Print on print
You need to be a print-pro to wear clashing prints together. Most men don’t prefer such style but there are ways to wear print-on-print. If you are wearing a bold print on your T-shirt then wear a bottom that has small prints on it.
The same rule applies if you want to wear a pair of colorful shorts.

digital print shirt


Change as you wish
A really great tip for beginners would be to wear their regular shirts and trousers and layer them with a blazer in digital print. This will add digital without making you feel uncomfortable. The best part is that you can take off your blazer whenever you feel a little self-conscious. We are sure that you won’t feel that way though!



There is one more way to include digital prints in your style. Wear a popping tie or bow-tie with a well-tailored suit. You can also carry a digital-printed pocket square to keep all eyes on you.

digital print ties
Start off with these simple styling ideas and in no time you will be a digital-print lover.

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Digital Print is the New Cool

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Digital Prints

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Digital Prints