Be Selective, be Eccentric in your Style

Behind the Scenes
We believe, fashion is all about experimenting, and the digital print is the top trend to try on. Experiment with your fashion choice and re-invent yourself with Color Buckket -the ultimate fashion house for fashion junkies!

Soon to be launched, the online portal of Color Buckket will give today’s young fashioners like you a much-needed style fix and help you discover what’s new, fun and happening in the fashion world. Full of creativity and also full of passion, the collection is young and chirpy that will influence your way of life, besides infusing coolness in your wardrobe.

From funky shirts to flattering-fit skirts to comfortable boxers, our wide range of essentials makes for a comfortable yet stylish choice.  Exquisite and impeccable, each piece is made from the finest fabric and designed to perfection with a high level of digital prints. Take a look at some of our samples:

Digital print Shirt

Digital Print long Skirt

Digital Print boxers


Spinning the Digital Printing Tale

Digital Printing is the new big thing! From banners to home textiles to clothing: innumerable contemporary designs would simply be hard to imagine without urbane digital textile printing technique. Enabling creative minds to get their ideas out and onto fabric, the technology has been seeing a major explosion in the fashion market across the globe.

Digital Print Textile
What is Digital Printing?
Digital printing is a process in which prints are directly applied to fabrics with printer. This reduces 95% the use of water, 75% the use of energy, and minimizing textile waste. The main advantage of digital printing is the ability to do very small runs of each design.

The inkjet printing technology used in digital printing was first patented in 1968, firstly used in the 90’s for paper printing. Since then, the technology has continued to develop and there are now specialized wide-format printers with which, one can now print on canvas, vinyl, and fabric. The inks used in digital printing are formulated specifically for each type of fiber (cotton, silk, polyester, nylon, etc). One of the greatest innovations of 21-st century fashion, the technology is cost effective, eco-friendly and helps in personalization & just-in-time manufacturing.

Since past few years, digital print textile is weaving a new style statement. With fresh, chic and modern designs, it is appealing the young urban alot. It is funky yet looks very sophisticated. Color Buckket is COMING SOON to treat you with beautiful digital prints.

Digital Print Textile

Digital Print Textile

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Welcome to Color-Buckket!


We are into digital print manufacturing, which is now one of the biggest innovations in the fashion world. We offer a wide and distinctive collection of stylish shirts, authentic tees be it Round neck, polo tees and blazers. Our wide range has something to cater to all tastes, for both men and women and even for kids. To all men & women’s style essentials be it traditional shirts, informal shirts, boxers, scarves, bow tie or pocket square to top off your look will be offered at Color-Buckket. One can also add happiness to their contemporary homes with our eclectic range of digital print cushion covers.We also undertake bulk supply orders for other designers and vendors on turn key basis. To create a digital print, we create our own designs for which we have a team of designers with us. Our designers are an arty lot and they love being tried! At Color-Buckket you get to find each piece printed in a different way. The Color-Buckket is all about comfort and style that lets you to set fashion trends.