Monsoon Trend – Cheer Up This Monsoon With Shades of Yellow

Yellow is the happiest color of the spectrum. The sunny hue is the mark of a person who always looks on the bright side. If you like wearing yellow, you are positive and confident as not every man has the heart to carry this popping shade.

Yellow is a color that makes you stand out vividly so you need to sport it every now and then. Yellow creates a happy atmosphere and cheers people up. Oh, and this citrusy hue cries for attention 😉

Here are the top picks for you by Color Buckket

Musical Soiree

digital print fashion shirts

Guitar is one glamorous musical instrument. Every music lover wants to play it well but few have time. Gyrate to the tunes of guitar in this pleasing yellow shirt. This minimal style is great for formal wear too.



Doodle It

digital print fashion t shirt

We all are doodlers regardless of the fact that the art is excellent or not. Such freehand style digital prints infuse life to your looks. Go color-crazy in this striking tee which has prints all over.



Geometric Style

digital print fashion men

Most of us hate Geometry in school but love the symmetry 🙂 This funky T-shirt is prominently yellow but the other warm hues are giving it a perfectly balanced look. A cowboy hat definitely adds to the cool quotient.



Fruity Freshness

digital print fashion (4)

How refreshing is this shirt! It has bicycles printed all over but look closely and you will see that these are not ordinary bicycles. The tires here are made up of slices of fruits like kiwi, orange, lemon and watermelon. Yellow is already appealing and this print makes the shirt a superb choice.



Be Dicey

digital print fashion accessories

Don’t let your style become predictable and surprise people every time you step out! This combo of bowtie and pocket square will be a sensational showstopper.


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Stylish Colors: The Calm yet Attractive Blue

Cool, serene, eye-catching! Blue is everybody’s favorite. Look around and you will see this color everywhere whether in nature or in marketing plans of brands. Blue is considered to be the ‘color of men’ and it is also believed that if you like blue then you are a soft-hearted person. The funny thing is that soft-heartedness is not exactly associated with men :/

Anyway, blue is certainly a splendid color. It is one of those fail-proof hues that men can wear without much thought. Blue also makes you come across as romantic so women definitely notice you. It doesn’t hurt that blue symbolizes loyalty, confidence, faith, truth and wisdom. So it goes without saying that you need blue outfits. Take your pick from these-

Blue Gear

blue shirts for men (3)

Mix the right amounts of quirk and style together in this popping turban print shirt. The moustache digital print asserts manliness in the cutest way possible. This shirt is a must have for sure.



It’s Raining Blue

blue shirts for men (1)

Blue is the color of sea and sky. Blue is associated with cleanliness and purity. All these associations come together in this rain print shirt. Look closely and you will see that it’s raining alphabets here!



Blazing Blue

blue blazers for men

A blue blazer is an essential part of a stylish wardrobe. This is one blazer that goes with almost every outfit so there is no reason for letting it go.


Color of the Kings

blue shirts for men (4)

A plain white shirt with splashes of blue for the dandy men! This is an exclusive design that will make sure that you stand out in the crowd!



The Loud Blues

blue digital print t shirts for men

Here’s one for the music lover! Get this digital print t-shirt for a look that has some extra pizzazz. We recommend that you wear it with a pair of khaki chinos or shorts this summer.



Play with Blue


A funky bowtie that will make you nostalgic with its dice print is perfect for a hip gathering. The best part is that you can wear it easily without going through the trouble of having to knot it.


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Stylish Colors: Red, the Color of Passion is also the Hue of Fashion

We all have at least one favorite color and many of us like multiple colors. You tend to wear your favorite colors a lot but it is not necessary that you have to stick to just one particular color. A lot of colors may look good on you and make you look even better. Red is one color that many men are not comfortable wearing but the fact is that this warm color looks great on everyone. You just have to pick the right shade of red for you.

Red is considered to be the color of love and passion. It is also the color of energy and determination. When you wear red, people perceive you as ambitious too. Ladies are definitely attracted to red so they find a man donning red more confident.

We are sure that you now want to have something red in your wardrobe immediately. This is where Color Buckket comes in to provide you with trendiest digital print outfits in red. Take a look at some of our top picks for you-

Bright and Bold

red digital print tshirt styling


Let your quirkiness speak for you in this elephant print tee. Style it in any way you like. You can wear it with jeans, chinos and also shorts. This t-shirt is perfect for that fun party with friends or for lounging by the beach.



Hints of Red

men digital print shirt

Not comfortable with going all out with red, pick this button-print shirt by Color Buckket. It will add a little pop to your look.



Lock the Red

red digital print t shirt men

Black makes the best contrast to red, this t-shirt is proof! Your love for monochrome gets a fresh spin with this lock-key print t-shirt. You will get many admiring glances when you sport this one.



Shades of Red

red digital print pocket square

How amazing is this goggle-print pocket square! Solid red pocket squares are quite common so it’s your turn to be a little different. A digital print, funky pocket square is definitely the way to go.


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A Beginner’s Guide To Style Digital Prints

Men’s clothing is not just about solids, checks and stripes anymore. Modern men are not limited to these styles and they like wearing prints- floral, geometric and what not. Digital prints have brought a revolution in fashion and every fashion-conscious man wants to include these in his wardrobe.
These bright prints give the wearer a unique and stylish look. You need to be a little courageous to carry digital prints well but what’s life without courage anyway! You definitely need a few digital pieces in your closet. Some of you may be looking forward to sport these quirky prints but there is chance that you are stuck on styling them properly. Right styling makes or breaks a look so you have to keep these tips in mind while wearing digital prints-

Go Safe
For starters, pick colors that you are most comfortable in. If you like black then start with a black shirt or T-shirt with digital print. Make your look fail-proof by pairing such shirts with trousers in solid hues. You can also wear your favorite pair of denims for a more casual look.

t shirt digital print


Print on print
You need to be a print-pro to wear clashing prints together. Most men don’t prefer such style but there are ways to wear print-on-print. If you are wearing a bold print on your T-shirt then wear a bottom that has small prints on it.
The same rule applies if you want to wear a pair of colorful shorts.

digital print shirt


Change as you wish
A really great tip for beginners would be to wear their regular shirts and trousers and layer them with a blazer in digital print. This will add digital without making you feel uncomfortable. The best part is that you can take off your blazer whenever you feel a little self-conscious. We are sure that you won’t feel that way though!



There is one more way to include digital prints in your style. Wear a popping tie or bow-tie with a well-tailored suit. You can also carry a digital-printed pocket square to keep all eyes on you.

digital print ties
Start off with these simple styling ideas and in no time you will be a digital-print lover.

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Digital Print is the New Cool

You might have been seeing the re-emergence of many past trends but one trend that will push the envelope a little further is the ‘Digital Print’. It is the hottest trend, and it is here to stay. And to treat you with unique and crazy digital prints of remarkable color-coordination, ‘Color Buckket’ is COMING SOON with its fabulous creations.

Digital Prints

Digital Print is not just a trend, it is a fashion statement. With our large selection of premium quality digitally printed Shirts, T Shirts, Blazers, Pocket Squares, Bow tie, scarves, you are guaranteed to make heads turn. So style it, flaunt it, and let it do the talking. We are super-excited to bring life to your drawing room too. The decorative digital printed cushion-covers that will fit every decor, every theme.

Detailed, high-resolution & soft- to- touch digital prints! We, at Color Buckket are poised to win your heart & mind with our eclectic and innovative collection. We have been using the most expensive digital printing machine to produce superb results for you. Each piece will be distinctively and thoughtfully designed for discerning shoppers.

Digital Prints

Digital Prints