Something New Inspired by Our Rich Heritage- Yugaant, Color Buckket’s New Collection

Change is the only constant so when one phase gets over, something new takes its place. The bygone eras tell many fantastic stories. We enjoy history and mythology because these things have an aura of mystery around them. We haven’t really seen what happened hundreds of years ago but any depiction of those times makes us inquisitive.
All these enigmatic details are the base of our new collection ‘Yugaant’. It’s about an era that has ended but its legacy lives on. The bold colors and digital prints are the specialties of Color Buckket. You will find plenty of these in Yugaant. The prints are inspired by historical times and are still quite quirky.
Expect to see new animal prints, battle-fields, chariots and palaces on the cool new shirts. We are sure that you have never seen anything like this. We invite you to pick lots of new shirts to give a new spin to your wardrobe.

Yugaant Royal Palace Shirt

Go back in time in this yellow shirt with palace-print. Chariots, elephants and soldiers on the shirt will make you feel all charged up for your next venture.



Yugaant Arrow Shirt

yugaant by color buckket

Define the new quirky with this arrow print shirt. Little arrows all over it give the shirt a new look and the horse-riders make it unique.



Yugaant Elephant Polo Shirt

digital print shirts for men

Playing Polo on elephants was the favorite sport of royals so why not give a playful edge to your look. This elephant-print shirt will become your go to.


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5 Quick Ways to Cure Your Shirts of Those Wrinkles

As much as we love our cotton shirts, there is no denying the fact that this light fabric is prone to wrinkling. Nobody likes to wear a wrinkled shirt so you have to make sure that your clothes are ironed and maintained. Sometimes when you are getting ready, you decide to wear that particular shirt but on taking it out, you find it all wrinkled up. This definitely is not a great thing to discover especially when you are in a hurry. Even if you are not in a hurry, you might just not be in the mood to iron. This is where these hacks come to the rescue. These may not give you the perfectly ironed look but they will save the day-


The Shower Hack

remove wrinkles from clothes

This is the most popular hack to smoothen clothes. Hang your clothes in the bathroom while you take a shower. The steam from the shower will straighten the clothes quite a bit. It takes just about ten minutes of hot shower when the bathroom door is closed.


Spray and Go

Spray water to remove wrinkles
Spray clean water on your shirts and shake them like you are fanning someone with a Japanese-fan with all your power. This should rid your shirts of wrinkles.


Hair Tools

iron clothes with hair straightener

Yes the hair styling tools come handy in removing wrinkles from clothes. Borrow a hair straightener from the ladies and use it to straighten the collars and cuffs of the shirts. Straighteners can also be used to smoothen wrinkles on the hems and other smaller areas. Make sure that the hair straightener is clean or you might stain your favorite shirt.
A hair dryer also helps in wrinkle-removal. Damp the clothes with water mist and dry the area pointing a hair dryer towards it.


Sleep On It

life style
This is the favorite hack of hostel dwellers but can be used by anyone in need. Roll your shirt or any garment tightly and put it under your mattress. You can use some other heavy article to press the clothes. Wait for an hour and take it out. Your clothes will be smoother.


Vinegar Solution

cure clothes of wrinkles
Mix white vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:3. Spray this solution on the wrinkled area of clothes and leave them to air-dry. Voila! No more wrinkles!

We are sure that these hacks will make your life easier!

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Styling Popping Prints This Wedding Season

Men’s fashion has been about solids for a long time now especially when it comes to formal events. We don’t say that solids don’t look good but there are other ways to look stylish. Prints are making their way into the male wardrobe and we love the change. A bright shirt can make you stand out in the crowd in a good way. Digital prints are on top when it comes to trendy prints for men and they are not limited to casual wear. You can wear printed outfits to special events like weddings if you style well.

Wedding season is in full swing and everybody will be wearing kurtas and sherwanis. We are sure that you don’t want to get lost in the crowd. Our pro tips will help you in making a statement with a rainbow of colors-
Sangeet Saga

Whether it’s your wedding or your friend’s, you can celebrate in a digital print shirt. Sangeet ceremony is a light function so you can wear your cool digital print shirt with a pair of chinos. Complete the look with a Nehru Jacket in silk, velvet or linen. Do not dress up the look too much and let your shirt do the talking. Besides Sangeet, you can sport this style on other pre-wedding functions with ease.


The D-Day Style

For the main wedding function, you can dress up all you want. A digital print shirt looks amazing with a well-tailored tuxedo. Wear it with a plain waistcoat. You can also style digital print shirt with a smart linen blazer and wrap a plain scarf around your neck. Make sure that the scarf is behind the collars of shirt.


Assorted Accessories

digital prints for weddings
Love digital print but don’t want to wear too much of it to a wedding? You can keep the whole look solid and add in some glamour with a pop-hued bowtie or pocket square.
You can experiment with footwear too. Wearing black or brown lace-shoes is always a good idea but to look dandy, wear loafers or sneakers. These can be plain or have a splash of colors.


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Stylish Colors- Classy White for Perfectionists

White is the color of perfection. It has every color of spectrum in it so it represents wholesomeness. White is a color that can be worn anywhere from a day out to a night party.

White symbolizes farsightedness and if this happens to be your favorite color, you are prudent for sure. White lovers are optimistic, practical and sensible. You are one of the most confident persons around and it reflects wherever you go. If you like white, chances are that you are a cleanliness freak too.

When you wear white, you come across as poised, impartial and simple. White color can be dressed up or down as per your wish. White on white might not be the most loved look but the monochromatic combination of black and white is timeless. White doesn’t have to be plain & boring and with funky clothes from Color Buckket, you can make a style-statement.

Cycle to snow-land

styling funky digital print shirts
Plain white shirts have been a wardrobe staple since forever so it’s time to break a few rules. Dress up in crisp white shirts with quirky prints. This cycle-print shirt will show your fun-loving side.



White and bright

how to style white digital print t shirt
This self-design white tee has the most popping hues from the rainbow. Whether you wear this one with denims or a pair of shorts, you will be the best dressed man around.



Fly in white

Cool and elegant come together in this kingfisher-print t-shirt. It can be your go to tee and will immediately replace your plain white t-shirt that you wear everywhere.




Tribal white

artsy digital print shirts
Give your looks a touch of the wild with this warli-print shirt. You can throw on a smart blazer to finish the look. The Chinese collars in this digital print shirt are super trendy too.



The white elephant

This funky white shirt has traditional elephant prints and yet it is so contemporary. Wear this to a special event with chinos or formal trousers for bang-on style.

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Stylish Colors: Red, the Color of Passion is also the Hue of Fashion

We all have at least one favorite color and many of us like multiple colors. You tend to wear your favorite colors a lot but it is not necessary that you have to stick to just one particular color. A lot of colors may look good on you and make you look even better. Red is one color that many men are not comfortable wearing but the fact is that this warm color looks great on everyone. You just have to pick the right shade of red for you.

Red is considered to be the color of love and passion. It is also the color of energy and determination. When you wear red, people perceive you as ambitious too. Ladies are definitely attracted to red so they find a man donning red more confident.

We are sure that you now want to have something red in your wardrobe immediately. This is where Color Buckket comes in to provide you with trendiest digital print outfits in red. Take a look at some of our top picks for you-

Bright and Bold

red digital print tshirt styling


Let your quirkiness speak for you in this elephant print tee. Style it in any way you like. You can wear it with jeans, chinos and also shorts. This t-shirt is perfect for that fun party with friends or for lounging by the beach.



Hints of Red

men digital print shirt

Not comfortable with going all out with red, pick this button-print shirt by Color Buckket. It will add a little pop to your look.



Lock the Red

red digital print t shirt men

Black makes the best contrast to red, this t-shirt is proof! Your love for monochrome gets a fresh spin with this lock-key print t-shirt. You will get many admiring glances when you sport this one.



Shades of Red

red digital print pocket square

How amazing is this goggle-print pocket square! Solid red pocket squares are quite common so it’s your turn to be a little different. A digital print, funky pocket square is definitely the way to go.


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6 Ways to Style Digital Prints Perfectly for Both Work and Play

When we think of digital prints, most of us imagine a whole lot of color-splash and funky prints. These happy prints are anything but boring. Most of us would agree that digital print outfits are great for off-duty looks. You can wear them to a day out or to a casual party easily. One important point that many men miss out on is that digital print clothes can be great choice for work-wear as well as for formal events. You just have to pick the right piece and style it well.

At Color Buckket you will find digital print shirts, t-shirts and accessories for every occasion. Take a look at some of our designs that are suitable for a variety of occasions-



As we were just talking about suitability of digital prints for formal wear, this tee fits the bill perfectly. While tees are not exactly for formal events, this one can be worn to office if yours allows casual wear. It has bright prints but not the in-your-face kind. Get it here-




This shirt has unique elephant-prints. It will work easily for office and formal evenings. This choice will reflect your great taste in fashion for sure.



What about a pocket square with bold digital prints? Your plain black suit will come alive with the addition of this bright piece. A great way to make a statement, we say. Lay your hands on this one here-




You will look uber cool wearing this bow-tie. It has dices printed all over it. This bow-tie is a great choice for the dandy dudes. Time to be a fashion-leader-




So guys, this t-shirt here is great for casual time whether you are at a pool party or hanging out with your gang. You can wear it with shorts or jeans.




Shirts will never be boring with such quirky prints. A simple white shirt has turned into its super cool counterpart all thanks to the popping ties printed all over.



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A Beginner’s Guide To Style Digital Prints

Men’s clothing is not just about solids, checks and stripes anymore. Modern men are not limited to these styles and they like wearing prints- floral, geometric and what not. Digital prints have brought a revolution in fashion and every fashion-conscious man wants to include these in his wardrobe.
These bright prints give the wearer a unique and stylish look. You need to be a little courageous to carry digital prints well but what’s life without courage anyway! You definitely need a few digital pieces in your closet. Some of you may be looking forward to sport these quirky prints but there is chance that you are stuck on styling them properly. Right styling makes or breaks a look so you have to keep these tips in mind while wearing digital prints-

Go Safe
For starters, pick colors that you are most comfortable in. If you like black then start with a black shirt or T-shirt with digital print. Make your look fail-proof by pairing such shirts with trousers in solid hues. You can also wear your favorite pair of denims for a more casual look.

t shirt digital print


Print on print
You need to be a print-pro to wear clashing prints together. Most men don’t prefer such style but there are ways to wear print-on-print. If you are wearing a bold print on your T-shirt then wear a bottom that has small prints on it.
The same rule applies if you want to wear a pair of colorful shorts.

digital print shirt


Change as you wish
A really great tip for beginners would be to wear their regular shirts and trousers and layer them with a blazer in digital print. This will add digital without making you feel uncomfortable. The best part is that you can take off your blazer whenever you feel a little self-conscious. We are sure that you won’t feel that way though!



There is one more way to include digital prints in your style. Wear a popping tie or bow-tie with a well-tailored suit. You can also carry a digital-printed pocket square to keep all eyes on you.

digital print ties
Start off with these simple styling ideas and in no time you will be a digital-print lover.

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