Welcome to Color-Buckket!

Ritesh Chitlangia and Harsh Singhvi, directors at Color Bucket had been devising ways to foray into digital printing since last year. They wanted to break the monotony and thus thought to go digital. At Color Bucket, “we get inspiration from each element that can surprise us and excites us from around the world. So our aim is to bring ideas to reality and ultimately straight to the masses”

We are into digital print manufacturing, which is now one of the biggest innovations in the fashion world. We offer a wide and distinctive collection of stylish shirts, authentic tees, be it Round neck, polo tees and blazers. Our wide range has something to cater to all tastes, for both men and women and even for kids. To all men & women’s style essentials be it traditional shirts, informal shirts, boxers, scarves, bow tie or pocket square to top off your look will be offered at Color-Buckket. One can also add happiness to their contemporary homes with our eclectic range of digital print cushion covers. We also undertake bulk supply orders for other designers and vendors on turn key basis. To create a digital print, we create our own designs for which we have a team of designers with us. Our designers are an arty lot and they love being tried!

At Color-Buckket you get to find each piece printed in a different way. Color-Buckket is all about comfort and style that lets you to set fashion trends.


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