5 Ways to Protect Your Shirts from Fading

How your heart breaks when your favorite shirt loses its original color! Your favorite bright clothes tend to fade quickly compared to their lighter counterparts. Sometimes the colors bleed and can damage other clothes as well. You can prevent all the mess if you keep in mind just a few simple tips. Always follow the care-instruction given that come with the clothes. One important thing to remember is to wash dark and light colors separately.

A few days back we gave you some tips to get rid of wrinkles from shirts easily and now some more tricks so that your clothes stay as good as new-

1.Turn Clothes Inside Out

save clothes from fading

This is the easiest way to prevent colors from fading. Always turn your clothes inside out before washing them whether you use a washing machine or prefer hand-wash. The friction between clothes lightens the color. It also causes piling which makes fabrics look dull and worn out.


2.Wash in Cold Water

wash clothes in cold water

Cold water is the best to keep your clothes bright and happy! It does not make colors fade as much as warm water. Bright colors are prone to fade faster and cold water protects them from turning dull.


3.Use Salt

use salt to wash clothes

Chloride in salt keeps the colors vivid. Add just 1 teaspoon salt to the wash cycle and the colors of your clothes will not bleed. It is great for washing shirts for the first time. Adding salt even helps in bringing back some life to fabrics that have gone dull.


4.Dry in Shade

line dry clothes to prevent fading

Sun is a great bleach and you don’t want it to work its magic on your precious attires! Hang clothes inside out and in shade to keep the colors all shiny. This does not mean that you take to drying your clothes in a hot dryer as even that lightens the colors. Hanging clothes out in shade keeps colors safe and also makes them dry fast.


5.Add Vinegar

how to protect clothes from fading

You can soak your clothes for 30 minutes in water that has ½ cup white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt. Wash them normally afterwards. If this seems like a task, just add vinegar in the rinse cycle. These tricks keep colors on shirts vibrant. The smell of vinegar goes away after wash and if you want to be more careful, just hang the clothes outside to make the smell vanish. Vinegar not only sets the color but also makes fabric soft.
We are sure that you will follow these little wise ideas for the well-being of your shirts!

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Refresh Your Wardrobe this Summer with Color Buckket’s New Arrivals

Today we do not an elaborate intro-line because we are super-charged about introducing you to our Fresh Arrivals! Color Buckket is an expert when it comes to digital prints and our unique twists bring out the most authentic designs for you. This summer season, we bring to you a fresh splash of colors, prints and designs in the new refreshing collection. A wide variety of interesting prints in all kinds of catchy colors are here. Time to get acquainted-

Tuk Tuk T Shirt

color buckket t shirts

Whether you are in India or in the exotic locales of Thailand, buzzing tuk-tuks are common sight. We all love these little vehicles so here they are for your style. The tuk tuk tee is available in purple and green so take your pick or better take both!



Walk Shirt

digital print shirts for men (4)

You have to stay in your best shape in summer and walking is a great exercise! Wear this shirt with walkers printed all over to stay motivated to walk 😉



Riverside T Shirt

men fashion trends

Remember your childhood when you would sit and imagine a perfectly serene riverside and draw it on a paper? We have here a gorgeous t-shirt to take you back to a nostalgic trip. With the bold orange contrasted with cool green, this tee is the perfect brunch wear.



Palace Shirt

digital print shirts for men (5)

Revel in the regal style of Pink City- Jaipur with this pink shirt in palace prints. This pink shirt is a smart addition to any wardrobe and so you can’t afford to miss it.



Key Wall T Shirt

men summer fashion

Quirk up in this rainbow colored t-shirt for a casual day! The tee has the print of a dilapidated looking wall with some vintage keys hanging on it. Don’t miss the fact that the keys will ‘hang’ just over your heart!



Parachute Shirt

color buckket shirts

There aren’t many latest outfits for men with tie and dye print but Color Buckket begs to differ. This subtle traditional print shirt has been given a bold look with parachutes/hot-air balloons.


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Stylish Colors: Revel in the Sunset Hues of Orange

Some of you might already be thinking that- Orange and stylish, are you kidding me? We kid you not; orange is one of those colors that have the potential to make you look way more fashion forward.

This bright, autumn color brightens up your wardrobe. Orange is the combination of energetic red and happy yellow. It spells optimism. If you like orange color then you are self-respecting and respect others too. Orange is the color of hope, adventure, risk-taking and independence. Wearing orange makes you come across as confident, good-natured and extrovert.

Wearing orange is definitely good for your image so why not include something orange in your wardrobe? Color Buckket has the perfect orange outfits for you to make a vibrant statement-

Just a Pop

how to style orange shirts men

Want to come across as a man who is fun to be with? Wear this t-shirt that has subtle yellow tinge accentuated by popping orange. The rose-print is also pretty unique.



Deer Orange

how to style orange shirts digital prints

Be the darling of everyone in this deer-print shirt! You can’t go wrong in this eye-catching orange shirt. We suggest wearing it on a casual day with jeans.



Splash the Orange

how to style orange shirts (5)

This one is only for the bold souls! The tee has multiple shades of orange and the funky kite print is only adding to the cool quotient. Keep the bottoms light and solid with this t-shirt.



Cover Up

how to style orange shirts (1)

There is nothing like a well-fitted blazer. You need a variety of these in every possible color. Dark, solid hues may work in corporate-environment but for every other occasion you will love this orange blazer. You can pair it with a plain peach shirt.


Orange Pull

how to style orange shirts (4)

This shirt has a very soothing shade of orange. To break the monotony, there is quirky rickshaw-print all over. Blue jeans work perfectly with this but a black one will look great too.


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Something New Inspired by Our Rich Heritage- Yugaant, Color Buckket’s New Collection

Change is the only constant so when one phase gets over, something new takes its place. The bygone eras tell many fantastic stories. We enjoy history and mythology because these things have an aura of mystery around them. We haven’t really seen what happened hundreds of years ago but any depiction of those times makes us inquisitive.
All these enigmatic details are the base of our new collection ‘Yugaant’. It’s about an era that has ended but its legacy lives on. The bold colors and digital prints are the specialties of Color Buckket. You will find plenty of these in Yugaant. The prints are inspired by historical times and are still quite quirky.
Expect to see new animal prints, battle-fields, chariots and palaces on the cool new shirts. We are sure that you have never seen anything like this. We invite you to pick lots of new shirts to give a new spin to your wardrobe.

Yugaant Royal Palace Shirt

Go back in time in this yellow shirt with palace-print. Chariots, elephants and soldiers on the shirt will make you feel all charged up for your next venture.



Yugaant Arrow Shirt

yugaant by color buckket

Define the new quirky with this arrow print shirt. Little arrows all over it give the shirt a new look and the horse-riders make it unique.



Yugaant Elephant Polo Shirt

digital print shirts for men

Playing Polo on elephants was the favorite sport of royals so why not give a playful edge to your look. This elephant-print shirt will become your go to.


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5 Quick Ways to Cure Your Shirts of Those Wrinkles

As much as we love our cotton shirts, there is no denying the fact that this light fabric is prone to wrinkling. Nobody likes to wear a wrinkled shirt so you have to make sure that your clothes are ironed and maintained. Sometimes when you are getting ready, you decide to wear that particular shirt but on taking it out, you find it all wrinkled up. This definitely is not a great thing to discover especially when you are in a hurry. Even if you are not in a hurry, you might just not be in the mood to iron. This is where these hacks come to the rescue. These may not give you the perfectly ironed look but they will save the day-


The Shower Hack

remove wrinkles from clothes

This is the most popular hack to smoothen clothes. Hang your clothes in the bathroom while you take a shower. The steam from the shower will straighten the clothes quite a bit. It takes just about ten minutes of hot shower when the bathroom door is closed.


Spray and Go

Spray water to remove wrinkles
Spray clean water on your shirts and shake them like you are fanning someone with a Japanese-fan with all your power. This should rid your shirts of wrinkles.


Hair Tools

iron clothes with hair straightener

Yes the hair styling tools come handy in removing wrinkles from clothes. Borrow a hair straightener from the ladies and use it to straighten the collars and cuffs of the shirts. Straighteners can also be used to smoothen wrinkles on the hems and other smaller areas. Make sure that the hair straightener is clean or you might stain your favorite shirt.
A hair dryer also helps in wrinkle-removal. Damp the clothes with water mist and dry the area pointing a hair dryer towards it.


Sleep On It

life style
This is the favorite hack of hostel dwellers but can be used by anyone in need. Roll your shirt or any garment tightly and put it under your mattress. You can use some other heavy article to press the clothes. Wait for an hour and take it out. Your clothes will be smoother.


Vinegar Solution

cure clothes of wrinkles
Mix white vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:3. Spray this solution on the wrinkled area of clothes and leave them to air-dry. Voila! No more wrinkles!

We are sure that these hacks will make your life easier!

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