Digital Print is the New Cool

You might have been seeing the re-emergence of many past trends but one trend that will push the envelope a little further is the ‘Digital Print’. It is the hottest trend, and it is here to stay. And to treat you with unique and crazy digital prints of remarkable color-coordination, ‘Color Buckket’ is COMING SOON with its fabulous creations.

Digital Prints

Digital Print is not just a trend, it is a fashion statement. With our large selection of premium quality digitally printed Shirts, T Shirts, Blazers, Pocket Squares, Bow tie, scarves, you are guaranteed to make heads turn. So style it, flaunt it, and let it do the talking. We are super-excited to bring life to your drawing room too. The decorative digital printed cushion-covers that will fit every decor, every theme.

Detailed, high-resolution & soft- to- touch digital prints! We, at Color Buckket are poised to win your heart & mind with our eclectic and innovative collection. We have been using the most expensive digital printing machine to produce superb results for you. Each piece will be distinctively and thoughtfully designed for discerning shoppers.

Digital Prints

Digital Prints

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